February 10, 2004

John Fonda Kerry


I'm sure y'all have seen this by now. I've been drinking tonight (Stoly on the rocks with two olives and a half bottle of a nice Spanish red from old grenache vines. Delicious, by the way.) and this picture just pisses me off.

Have I ever told y'all how much I despise Jane Fonda? Why is this bitch still alive? After returning from North Viet Nam, she should have been arrested, tried for treason, and stood up against a wall and shot (or hanged or however they execute traitors).

Look at her enraptured by the anti-American filth that is being spewed out by whoever is speaking. And look. There's John (Did you know that I served in Viet Nam?) Kerry. I am really getting pissed off at his and the Dimocrat Party's bullshit.

Look, we got over this Viet Nam bullshit back in 1992 when we elected a fucking draft dodger as president. If we should elect war heroes as president we should have reelected Bush 41 over the cowardly draft dodger Bill Clinton in 1992 and we should have elected war hero Bob Dole over cowardly draft dodger Bill Clinton in 1996. You Dimocrats are nothing but a bunch of fucking hypocrites. Viet Nam doesn't matter anymore! At least according to John Fonda Kerry in 1992.

Take a sip of wine. Get more pissed off.

Adam sent me an e-mail about John Kerry and his activities. He copied Atrios and that liberal asshole tried to put a good spin on Kerry's bullshit and attacked a Wes Pruden column. Talk about fucking semantics.

He took offence at the statement that Kerry left his fellow soldiers behind. Well duh. He did. I did too. When I got out of the Navy in 1969, I left and my shipmates stayed behind. When Kerry left, his boat crew stayed behind. That is a fact. But then, when has a fact ever been inportant to a liberal?

Then, Atrios implied that Kerry spent four years in Viet Nam. Sorry. The normal tour was one year. And Kerry even got to leave early. What's more, he even got out of the Navy early. Golly, this is the same bullshit that the left is accusing Bush of doing. But that's all right. Look at the difference between Bill Janklow, Republican from South Dakota found guilty of manslaughter who resigned from Congress and will serve time, and Senator Ted Kennedy, Dimocrat from Taxachusetts and noted swimmer, who should have been found guilty of manslaughter, but who is considered an elder statesman of the Dimocrat Party and keeps getting reelected every year. Or how about noted former Kleagle of the KKK Senator Robert Byrd who can use the word nigger twice on national TV and suffer no repercussions. I'd like to see a Republican get away with that. But I digress.

So after Kerry got out of the Navy, he joined the Viet Nam Veterans Against the War. I saw them on campus when I was going to college and I told those dickheads exactly what I thought of them. Pruden excerpted Kerry's testimony before Congress about Americans torturing and killing Vietnamese civilians. Here come the semantics again. Atrios says that Pruden left off the fact that Kerry said he was told by members of VVAW, that they had done this. Well, I guess that makes Kerry's testimony hearsay. So here is the big question. Did Kerry believe it or not?

During the protests against the war, Kerry supposedly threw his medals over the White House fence. Oops! Not really. They belonged to someone else. So this dickhead didn't even have the strength of his convictions to throw his own medals over the fence. This guys sounds more like Bill Clinton every day.

Jane Fonda and her buddy John Kerry and the VVAW were the people responsible for our veterans coming home and being called baby killers and being spat upon. For this I can never forgive them. Never! Ever!

I believed in the Viet Nam War. And history has shown my belief to be true. Look what happened when we left. Thousands of people left in boats to escape the tryanny of communism. Millions of South Vietnamese were sent to reeducation camps. And finally, we had the killing fields of Laos and Cambodia. Even a rabid antiwar protestor like Joan Baez had to admit that maybe we were doing the right thing by being there. She called Jane Fonda to ask for support to rail against the killing fields in Cambodia. Jane couldn't be bothered. She had more important things on her mind. Probably exercise videos. I hate that bitch!

But Jane Fonda and John Kerry don't think of all the people who have suffered because we left and allowed North Viet Nam to conquer South Viet Nam. They don't care about all the people who died. Just like they don't care about all the people whom Saddam Hussein killed and all the people we saved by going to war in Iraq.

Jane Fonda owns her own vagina. John Kerry is a fucking hypocrite.

I hate them both.

By the way, here is a picture of my nephew. He's twice the man John Kerry is. And Bill Clinton is not even worthy to hold his jock strap.


19 years old!

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