September 29, 2004

The Bitch Speaks

As the election grows closer those on the left are really starting to foam at the mouth. Ted "The Swimmer" Kennedy has stated that we are now more susceptible to a nuclear attack. Huh? WTF? Ted. Pour yourself another scotch and STFU. I hope you people in Taxachusetts are proud of this bloated, bloviating blowhard. His brother Jack must be spinning in his grave. I'm not too sure about Bobby since he was a liberal.

I wrote yesterday about how Jimmah Carter has completely lost it and compared Florida to Chicago in regards to crooked elections.

There's still more bullshit from the left.

I heard on the radio tonight that Marisa Tomei (Remember her? She won a best supporting actress award for My Cousin Vinnie. I've seen her in two movies since.) has threatened to leave the country if Bush wins the election. Now if only we could get some of the other dingbats like Barbra Streisand to make that promise.

Speaking of that shining intellectual, Babs has weighed in on the fake but accurate memos. David sent me the link and asked me to comment.

If you cross this administration you get your head handed to you. If you open your mouth and tell the truth like former White House Economic Advisor Lawrence Lindsay did when he told the Administration that the Iraqi war was going to cost between $100-$200 billion dollars, you get fired.

Babs, you ignorant slut! He got fired first!

If you disagree with the President, like Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill did one too many times regarding the President's policy on tax cuts, you get canned.

Babs let's just put this down to a level that even a nitwit like you can understand. If your maid Consuela does not clean the toilet to your specifications and put the right amount of rose petals in it what do you do? You fire her ass. That's the way the world works.

If you claim that the Administration is misrepresenting the facts and misleading the public, like Former Ambassador Joseph Wilson did, your wife's career gets ruined when she gets outed as a CIA operative in the national media.

It turns out that good ol' Joe was lying and has since been discredited. And Valerie was no longer an active undercover operative. She's was a desk jockey fer chrissakes!

If you tell the administration that several thousand more servicemen and women are needed in Iraq, like General Shinseki did, you get publicly scolded as being incorrect.

Got me there Babs. Don't know whom you're talking about. But I would believe Tommy Franks more than someone I have never heard of. But what do I know? I'm just sitting here blogging in my running shorts. I'm not an international superstar like you.

And, if you choose to air a story about George Bush's military service, or lack thereof, like CBS did last week, you and your award winning news anchor, get investigated by the FCC.

You really don't want to go there Babs. After all, you worship the ground that Bill Clinton, a draft dodger, walks on. Bush served. Bubba didn't. So why are you bringing this up? Why didn't military service matter back in 1992 when a cowardly draft dodger like Bill Clinton was running against a genuine war hero like Bush 41? Why didn't military service matter when a cowardly draft dodger like Bill Clinton was running against a genuine war hero like Bob Dole in 1996?

But, OK. Let's discuss CBS and the award winning news anchor who got taken in by obviously forged documents because he wanted to believe they were true. They were fake. They have been debunked. It took the Blogosphere less than three hours! The FCC is investigating Dan Rather and CBS about Blathergate? News to me. Maybe you have that confused with the Superbowl and Boobgate. It would be easy for a boob like you to do that.

So it's no wonder that the press has taken a backseat to reporting the misdeeds of this administration. It's not surprising that the press failed to ask the hard questions leading up to the war in Iraq, when a more informed public still had time to speak up. Never mind that CBS's story included substantive and uncontested evidence that Bush didn't show up for duty when he was supposed to, that he skipped a required physical that grounded him from flying, and that he mysteriously received an honorable discharge.

Fake but Accurate. In your dreams. All that bullshit has been rebutted. It's all old news, but you liberals want to believe it so bad that you just keep bringing it up.

Yes...the documents CBS presented could not be confirmed for their authenticity, but these details of Bush's military record have been out for public consumption for years.

And your stupidity has been out there for consumption for years. This crap has been brought up every single time that Bush has run for public office since 1994. Guess what? It's not true.

Why is the media not discussing the facts behind the story instead of just focusing on CBS?

Because the facts dispute what the media wants to believe?

For example, Killian's secretary said those memos accurately reflected the Colonel's feelings.

His feelings but not what was in the memos. Big difference.

Ben Barnes, former lieutenant governor of Texas, admitted that he pulled strings to get Bush into the National Air Guard.

Here's a big surprise. He's a big Kerry supporter. After all these years he finally comes forward and says this stuff. Where was he in 1994? Where was he in 1998? Where was he in 2000? But now he comes forward. His daughter says he's lying through his teeth.

And Robert Mintz, retired National Guardsman who served in Bush's unit in 1972, doesn't remember seeing him there.

But other guys who served with him do. Let's talk about Flipper. Look at all the Swift Boat Veterans who say he's lying. Care to apply the same standards?

And in contrast to Senator John Kerry, who said "send me" when given the option to go to Vietnam, according to the LA Times, when asked the same question, Bush checked the box stating "do not volunteer for overseas."

So what? Bill Clinton was in England protesting against the war. A draft dodger is OK, but someone who served in the National Guard isn't. I would give your bullshit more credibility if you hadn't supported Bill Clinton in 1992 and 1996. Since you did, all of these arguments about Bush's National Guard Service are nothing but bullshit. The only reason I'm spending time doing this is I enjoy pointing out what an incredible idiot you are.

The media's attention is diverted from the real story because we now live in a time where the fear of revenge by this administration sends a chill through the corporations that control our media and overwhelms the press' responsibility to investigate, educate and hold our leaders accountable.

See, in the fantasy world that Babs lives in the lamestream media is conservative. If it were, it wouldn't have taken Drudge to break the Monica Lewinsky story. NBC would not have sat on the Juanita Broaderick story until after the Senate hearing. CBS would not have used fake memos in their story on Bush's National Guard Service. Unfit For Command would have received coverage on the Today Show and other media outlets. Instead Kittey Kelley's unsubstantiated hit job on George W. Bush got three days on the Today Show.

I only wish we did have a fair press that did its job. Then maybe we would have had more accountability during the Clinton administration which will go down in history as one of the most corrupt adminisrations in the history of the Republic.

The press did not do its job then and it is not doing its job in its support of John Fonda Kerry.

I wish Babs would promise to leave the country if Bush wins. I'm sure we wouldn't have any trouble raising the airfare.

I would foot the entire bill if she would fly coach.

Posted by denny at September 29, 2004 09:16 PM  

She will just do what all the other hollywood types do, claim she was only kidding about moving out of the US. I think if they make a promise to leave they should be deported.

Posted by: Deathknyte on September 29, 2004 10:57 PM

How can you expect Barbra Streisand to think straight. Look at her eyes. She can't even SEE straight!

Posted by: Ralph Gizzip on September 30, 2004 12:29 AM

I'm in favor of bringing back the McCarthy communist trials. Had he done them in this day and age, he would have actually found communists in Hollywood. Then it would be real fun to watch all the bitches in Hollywood squirm, because I bet every single dumbass out there who is a liberal would subscribe whole-heartedly to Karl Marx's theories. Screw it, I'm running for Congress, I'm gonna win, I'm gonna hold my own hearings, and then get Babs and her cohorts either thrown in jail for a VERY LONG TIME or deported. Better yet, I wanna deport them to Abu Garhib and let the platoon, company, unit handle the security there. With one exception... no parading Babs around naked. That would be cruel and unusual punishment for the soldier watching her. And I would play conservative radio hosts 24/7 over very loud speakers so that all they could hear is somewhat proper values. Damn liberal actors. Why can't they all just go away. Except George Clooney and anybody playing in Ocean's 12. They may be liberal fools, but that's gonna be one hell of a movie.

Posted by: dJake on September 30, 2004 03:08 AM

Somebody who loves poor Babs needs to pull her aside and suggest she stay out of the political commentary business. Get her involved in a cause like "the children" or something.

"Blithering Idiot" doesn't even come close......

Posted by: marcel on September 30, 2004 08:16 AM


"Babs, you ignorant slut!"


That was funny!

Oh yeah, loosen up and tell us what you really think. Try not to be so restrained

Posted by: MunDane on September 30, 2004 12:36 PM

General Shinseki is the man who decided to give the entire army berets to improve their self esteem. nuf said :)

Posted by: toddk on September 30, 2004 02:33 PM

Well Clinton did give Monica a beret well ok and some other things too. Well in 33 days all these Hollywood pricks will be looking for work cuz nobody will want to listen to them cry about Bush stilling the election again.

Posted by: Greg DiCroce on September 30, 2004 06:41 PM

Gwyneth Paltrow has said for years now that she's afraid of the Bush administration and wants to raise her children somewhere else. And yet, she's still here. I wonder if she needs a ride to the airport. I'd be glad to get her and her kids there. I'd even wave "bye-bye" at the security checkpoint.

Posted by: oldcontroller on September 30, 2004 11:16 PM


As always...RICH and HILARIOUS! You made my day. I am with Rachel can somebody like so breathtakingly STUPID! What a dolt. Not to mention utterly ugly!

The faxes are always a kick, too!

Posted by: David on September 30, 2004 11:52 PM
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