November 17, 2004

Dear Old Media

Dear Old Media,

Exactly when was it that you decided to support our enemies instead of us? Was it during Viet Nam? I mean you guys were mostly responsible for turning the country against that war. Were you proud of the aftermath? Did you dance with glee when you saw the boat people trying to escape? Were you proud of your accomplisments when thousands of people were sent into the reeducation camps? Howza 'bout the killing fields of Cambodia? Did all the people who died then make you happy?

During the Cold War most of you were on the side of the communists. Fidel Castro and Daniel Ortega were your heroes. It must have really broken your hearts when the Berlin Wall fell.

Afghanistan was supposed to be a quagmire. Didn't it just piss you guys off that the war was as successful as it was? They just held their first free elections and women were allowed to vote. That should be good news but because to you assholes every silver lining should have a dark cloud, you fall back on where is Osama?

You people make me sick to my stomach. I'm glad you fucktards weren't around during World War II. We would have never won it. Ernie Pyle must be spinning in his grave.

The latest bullshit is going after the Marine who shot the Iraqi in the mosque. Let me explain some things to you guys.

1. The Geneva Convention does not apply to these barbarians.
2. These assholes use schools, hospitals, and mosques as bases of operations in violation of the Geneva Convention.
3. These barbarians hide behind women and children also in violation of the Geneva Convention.
4. They have been known to show a white flag of truce and then start shooting.
5. They have booby trapped their dead and wounded.

And to those of you who say that we must be good guys or they will shoot our wounded or mutilate the bodies, have you guys been paying attention? They already do that. This is not an honorable enemy. These guys are worse than rabid dogs and should be treated as such.

So now we have some bleeding heart anti-war, anti-American liberal news pinko bastards trying to crucify a Marine. Listen up buttwipes! These people are scum. They brutally behead innocent civilians. If I have to choose between a Marine doing his job and some wounded Iraqi terrorist lowlife, I'll choose the Marine.

I'll tell you what. If this will make you guys feel any better, why don't you have your embedded reporters go check up on the wounded for the Marines? That way you won't have to worry about any poor Iraqi wounded "insurgent" dying. If he happens to be faking it or booby trapped that's your problem. At least some poor wounded Iraqi wouldn't be shot by a bloodthirsty Marine.

GOC in Atlanta


Posted by denny at November 17, 2004 09:23 PM  

They also don't wear uniforms to identify themselves as a fighting unit, the enemy.

That may not sound like much compared to their other misconduct mentioned by Denny, but to our troops there who can't tell whether or not the schmuck on the side of the road is waiting to kill them or is an innocent civilian begging for food, it is a big difference.

Ask Spl Gaskin.

Posted by: daniel on November 17, 2004 10:37 PM


Posted by: GOC in Winston Salem on November 21, 2004 03:20 AM

It seems like the media and bleeding heart liberals in this country just don't get it. This war is against an enemy like no other we've fought in recent past (don't they remember Bush telling them that back in 2001). We are talking about an enemy that although motivated and quite intelligent, insists on living their lives in the past and refusing to keep up with modern society and the changes that go with it. These people are ancient throw backs to hundreds if not thousands of years ago, and all they understand is death. They have no concept of civility, rules of war (which I for one find kind of an oxymoron). They are barbarians and we need to treat them as such. The truth is, unless we exterminate them (I know ugy word) and by them I mean all muslim extremists, they will be back to fight another day (eg some of the Guantanemo prisoners)or make children that will be brainwashed that they should fight against us. I think the worst thing militaries ever did was to allow reporters access to war zones. War ain't pretty folks. The problem is libs think it should be conducted humanely and within certain guideline. Huh? It's war, kill or be killed. Just my .02 on this whole blown out of proportion issue. Oh yeah, and that whole Abu Gharab (sp.?) issue- Humiliation does not equal torture you idiots!!!!!

Posted by: Ray on November 21, 2004 12:41 PM

Just because the enemy is "barbaric" does not mean we have to stoop to their level.

Or at the very F'ing least, don't stoop to their level when there's a G*D* CAMERA around!!!

Posted by: Robin Palm on November 22, 2004 02:17 AM

Robin - You did read over the weekend about the insurgents who waved a white flag faking a surrender and then opened fire on the Marines, didn't you?

Posted by: Denny Wilson on November 22, 2004 11:54 AM

No, I didn't... and it doesn't surprise me one bit. Just like how they strapped bombs to kids in Vietnam, people will any any tactic to win if they have to.
I completely realize this stuff happens in war. But with the American image as it is, we have to be "better" than that. And especially when there's a reporter just straight chilling with the camera.
That's the scandal... that there was a reporter there... that and what the soldier said. If he had said something like "Is he armed?" or something, it might be easier to swallow for the american people. But he kinda joked about it... "He's not playing dead anymore".
Well, that never looks good on TV. Whoops.

Posted by: Robin Palm on November 22, 2004 12:29 PM

Check it out, Robin... you're nuts, go into combat and then give me that load of crap. Stooping down to their level? You have no idea... Give me your address and I'll send you 14 MRE's. That will be your meal for 8 days and don't give me shit about not knowing how to count, I'm well aware that's not 3 meals a day. Live with it asshole Cause that's what America's sons, my brothers, do. During those days sleep for 3 hours a day, with hardcore rock blasting from the speakers to simulate gunfire, screams of the dying, and relentless bombing. Your job for those 8 days will be going block by block, house by house, room by room, door by door to hunt down every insurgent that wants to kill an American for fame and glory. Every step you take, every door you open, every time you blink your eyes worry about an ounce of C-4 and other plastique explosives going off and killing you. Walk around in a pack of 13 and consider that every action you take decides whether they live and every action they take decides whether you live. Every thought you think decides whether you see you family hug them in tears or in tears they see you in a casket draped with the American Flag in all her pride glory. It has been said in many ways, but maybe you haven't heard a one of them... "It is better to be judged by the ignorant millions than by 12 dead friends."

For six months have your co-workers, friends and family systematically killed one by one by explosive devices, traps, and snipers. Watch you best friend get killed by an insurgent pretending to be wounded when in fact they are sitting on an IED and just have to lift their arm to trip and set off a mortar The next day watch as your father has the same thing happen to him while you stand by his side. The next day enter the room where the wounded insurgent that was given 3 months to evacuate, sniped at you for weeks, set up traps, armed IEDs and was struck with a bullet by America's best - a United States Marine. When you enter the room and see him moving around mumbling, what are you going to think? Will you be alarmed? Will you be suspicious? Most of all, will you remember about your brothers standing next to you, or will you remember the damn camera man who might or might not have entered the room behind you?

Do this 18 hours a day, for 8 days with a cameraman - one more life you have to protect - who doesn't care to help you, he just wants to make news. Many of them aren't looking for "feel good stories at this time" as they say. Instead, they look for a way to destroy you while you protect them. There are the exceptions, but far be it for you damn liberals to let those media outlets speak out.

Do this for 18 hours a day, for 8 days while making an incredible 24,000 a year, mere pennies to the people who cry out against you for your thoughtlessness and their hardest decision in the day is what shoes to wear. Good news for you though! We only have two sets of cammies and one pair of boots. One set of cammies is in the wash while I wear the other one, so I don't have to decide. Thank goodness for that huh? I'd probably screw that up too if I had more!

Instead, you people say you support the troops while you curse us under your breath and don't lift a damn finger to try and help. I dare say 99% of the damn liberals have no idea, as millions of their patriotic neighbors do (May the Lord, whom our forefathers placed their trust in), that there are hundreds of organizations who ask for donations so they can send us simple stuff like shampoo, soap, homemade cookies. It makes me sick to my stomach, but because even liberals are Americans or are privileged enough to be in my beautiful country, I will lay my life before them any day of my life.

"Kind of joked"? Negative, that was a cocky reassurance to men whose lives were on the line. That kind of language is common in any branch of the service, but especially in one that knows they're the best!

And don't you dare let me hear you refer to our enemy as "barbaric". They are barbaric without the quotation marks. Anyone who thinks otherwise is either off their rockers or a Left-Wing Liberal.

And never, ever get sarcastic when talking about your Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy or any other part of the service that leaves everything behind to serve their country. If you have enough energy to give a sarcastic "Whoops" when talking about us, channel that energy into finding a plane ticket and moving to France or Germany and just go live with them. Don't worry, their men don't fight, so you won't have to worry about a thing.

America is the land of the free, if you enjoy the fact that we were attacked, or don't like the fact that we are helping the helpless, leave. I hear there are many more countries that would love to have another body to torture. The less warlords and dictators there are in this world, the safer everyone is. If you have already forgotten Sept 11 like many Americans have, I'll get you some tapes of it, I remember like it was this morning.

All being said and done, please don't second guess the job we are doing out here until you do it yourself. And don't claim you support the troops, because you don't. Your words have spoken volumes to the few motivators who have read them. Any action you take will be forgotten unless there is a sincere apology in front of it.

May God bless the American Patriots. Your men and women in the service love and miss you.


United States Marine Corps

Posted by: Lance Corporal V on December 30, 2004 04:23 AM

OOOH Fucking RAH!


"Former" United States Marine

Posted by: Jesse Brown on January 4, 2005 08:47 PM
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