December 06, 2005

Dear Rat Turd

I know a lot of you folks don't like this kind of stuff, but I'm just in a bitchslapping mood and what I'm doing is a lot of fun. It amuses me to stomp on these stupid assholes. Plus, I haven't done a decent fisk lately. I'm overdue.

Rat Turd put up a post about me. I can't read it since he banned me from his site, but one of my readers sent it to me. So here is my response.

Dear Rat Turd:

A reader sent me your post on me. Since you are a coward, like your pal Jane, and have banned me from your site, I thought I would answer your post here. This is a bonus for you since more people will read this post on my site than will read it on your site.

The Ultimate in Pathetic Behavior

I have never witnessed such childish behavior in my life....until today.

How long have you been reading Jane? She is the ultimate in childish behavior. Also ranting on about another person and forbidding that person from seeing what you wrote sounds pretty childish to me, Rat Turd. BTW, I didn't give you the name Rat Turd. Topeka Troll did it when you banned him from your site.

What is sad is this is from a 58 year old man who has some serious self pity issues.

Dude. I'm 59 years old and if you had read a few more of my posts you would know that I despise self pity. I do not feel sorry for myself. In fact, I'm very proud of my accomplishments since my accident. I snow ski. I SCUBA dive. I have soloed in an airplane. I retired at 58 after a successful career at IBM and my net worth is over $1 million. Yep. I'm a SRF© and I'm proud of it. You wanna see self pity? Look no further than your good buddy Jane. I wrote a post about an e-mail she sent me. She wallows in self pity.

He is known as grouchy old cripple, and the name is transparent to show he feels sorry for himself.

Nope. I picked that name because I knew it would piss off the PC police. I am not handicapable or differently abled or any of the other stupid PC words liberals have come up with to describe my condition. I'm a cripple.

I won’t even link to him, find it yourself.

I wouldn't get any hits from you if you did, Rat Turd. No one reads your fucking blog anyway. I probably gave you more hits yesterday than you've had in the last six months. You're welcome.

To say that he is childish insults children.

Boo fucking hoo! I'm so upset that I can't read Rat Turd's crap.

He is beneath contempt.

Thanks for the compliment.

Go ahead- click the link and make my day

Uh! I thought you weren't linking to me.

keep going, there's more »

I can hardly wait Rat Turd. Please continue.

This afternoon I noticed a large number of hits from his web site. I checked it out and he had labeled me “Rat Turd” and claimed I had banned him from visiting this blog.

And you didn't even thank me for making your sitemeter spin like crazy. The only reason I linked to you was because you banned me.

I never did that, and have no clue why he would accuse me of such a thing.

Probably because when I try to access your site I get the following message:


That's what you get when someone bans your IP address. How long have you been on the internet?

However reading on he began to rant about another blogger who took her site down.

That's right. She has a history of pissing people off, telling lies about them, and then running away. She can dish it out, but she cannot take it. We're waiting for her to go public again so we can do it again. It has become sport for us.

So- it appears this pussy is trying to attack me based on association with another person he happens to hate.

Dude, the pussies are people who ban other people from their sites or who run away from a fight. You and Jane are both pussies. And I didn't attack you. I just pointed out that you banned me. You wanna see an attack? I can do that. For example, I can attack your reading skills. You probably only read one or two posts by me and noticed the name of my site is Grouchy Old Cripple and that's where you came up with this bullshit rant. BTW, I don't hate Jane. I feel sorry for her, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy bitchslapping her. At one time I was her friend but she threw my friendship back in my face. She'll do the same to you Rat Turd. She is a psycho.

I have never even spoken to this so-called man, but by reading his blog I can tell that his real handicap is not his wheelchair.

You have not read very much of my blog. I can tell by this bullshit rant. Also, I am not confined to a wheelchair. I also walk with braces and crutches and I also do some spectacular falls. Ask Eric.

He prefers to shit and piss on people because they are not handicapped.

Huh? WTF? I prefer to piss and shit on people because they are fucking idiots. I prefer to piss and shit on people who are mentally handicapped like you and Jane. Once more dickhead, read more of my stuff. I have nothing against people who are able bodied. Some of my best friends are able bodied.

I feel for anyone who has had misfortune, assuming what he says is true; but good grief he is no better than anyone who discriminates against handicapped people.

It is not so much misfortune as the fact that I fucked up and paid the price. I could have sat on my ass and whined and wallowed in self pity, like your friend Jane does, or I could get on with my life and overcome my handicap. I chose the latter. Jane chose self pity.

See the list of bloggers I have met in person over on the left sidebar? Ask them if I discriminate against able bodied people. Ask them if I wallow in self pity.

A so-called man who is almost 60 years old should be wise and kind; two traits which seem nonexistent in him. It appears he has the IQ of an ice cube.

Wise and kind. I'm wise and kind to people who deserve it. Unfortunately, you and Jane do not fall into that category. For a guy with an IQ of an ice cube, I have managed to accumulate a nice house, three cars, and a nice income for the rest of my life. Not too bad for someone as dumb as I am. Maybe you and Jane should have the IQ of an ice cube. Maybe then she wouldn't have been fired from Macy's and the store she worked at before. Maybe then you would have a better blog and some actual readers.

I have had heavy traffic which I think is positive for me- hell- he said he liked hits on his site and he tries to shut me down by referring people here?

Who said I was trying to shut you down? I just figgered I'd let the rest of the Blogosphere in on your crappy site.

That makes as much sense as wiping before you shit. Also- if he is banned, why can he still see my blog?

I can't see your blog. I'm banned. One of my readers sent me your rant.

I have had many visits from him and others from his site.

You've had visitors that I've sent your way, but you haven't had any visits from me since I'm banned. Hear that Rat Turd? I'm banned. Forbidden. I can't get to your site. Do you understand what I'm saying?

I will get the last laugh- count on it.

Cool. What are ya gonna do to me? I can hardly wait. Are you gonna ban everyone that comes to you from my site? Yeah. That will give you the last laugh OK. I can see you with your fingers in your ears saying, "Nyaa, Nyaa, Nyaa I can't hear you!"

Yep Rat Turd, you have the last laugh dontcha? You're a pathetic, cowardly booger eatin' moh-ron with a pathetic blog that no one reads and you have some pathetic friends. You're welcome for all the hits.

The only reason Topeka Troll and I have been lurking at your blog is to track down Jane when she comes out from under her rock so we can shut her down again. It's become sport to us. She is a typical cowardly liberal who runs at the first sign of a fight. You know the type. She starts a fight and then goes running to her mommy. We're not trying to shut you down. You're an insignificant nobody. Go ahead and rag on me again for your 25 readers to read.

Holy crap Rat Turd! I just found out that Jane has Super Admin authority on your site and she was the one who banned me. You're more of a retard than I thought. You don't even run your own site and you're calling me stupid?

Now go ahead and do another rant about what an asshole I am and then try to make sure I don't read it. I'm sure that Jane with her new blog from a secret undisclosed location is doing the same thing. She's probably even created a PDF file telling her side of the story like she did with Rue.

Bring it on Rat Turd! Give me your best shot!

Posted by denny at December 6, 2005 02:30 PM  

I checked rat turds blog, and he has one response since Thanksgiving. Have you had that many, Denny?

Posted by: Alan on December 6, 2005 02:49 PM

Sounds like another intellectually superior liberal - I wish I had a dime for every liberal that's whined about my comments. Grouchy - I hope you track Jane down and give her the intellectual reaming of her life - she has it coming.

Posted by: ChuckB on December 6, 2005 03:06 PM

It would appear that you are holding back. So just how do you really feel?

Posted by: ChrisK on December 6, 2005 03:40 PM

Kick his ass, Denny!

Posted by: CharlieDelta on December 6, 2005 03:43 PM

That's gonna leave a mark.

Posted by: reiggin on December 6, 2005 05:50 PM

I think his alias says it all. Wow, so cool to call yourself a piece of shit from a rat's ass.

Posted by: Paul on December 6, 2005 07:05 PM

what a moron-denny he aint worth the sweat off your balls. j

Posted by: j on December 6, 2005 07:18 PM

We're giving it a 9.5 with a dificulty factor 6.

We may use it as a model at the school of bitch slapping for the intermediate level course.

Posted by: Murray on December 7, 2005 04:27 AM

It's so refreshing when friends interact via the internet!! *L* Love the post, Denny; stuff like this keeps ya sharp!

Posted by: Michele on December 7, 2005 04:58 AM

And the hits just keep on coming. This is what makes me a regular at this site.

Posted by: Titan Mk 6B on December 7, 2005 08:35 AM

hahahahaha! I love it. I love to paste the comments this one kook who insists on visiting my site and leaves scathing comments. Liberals are such idiots, and they do all the work, which just makes my job even easier. bwahahahaha!

Posted by: braden on December 7, 2005 09:44 AM

As a self-avowed liberal (go ahead and flame me, I don't care), I wish you would stop attributing Jane's deficiencies to her being a liberal. You're giving the rest of us a bad name. Sure, she's a cu*t-and-run coward. But, her pathetic state has nothing to do with her political bends. She's that way because she's a self-pity wallowing, bottom-feeding, self-centered, ice-cube-brained twit. Such human trash knows no political boundaries. Thanks for the Jane posts. Cheers.

Posted by: Just Right of Hilary on December 7, 2005 02:26 PM

Just an FYI: It appears the post you reference here has been deleted. Removed. Whatever. It's no longer on the main page.

Posted by: Margi on December 7, 2005 05:15 PM

Sorry Just Right of Hillary but liberalism is a mental disorder. If you are liberal, then you are sick. Seek help. Continue reading GOC and other online resources of conservative thought. One day, you might actually get it.

Posted by: Paul on December 7, 2005 07:23 PM
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