November 01, 2006

Of Course He Supports The Dumb Troops

After all, he has such an honorable history.

Hey Flipper, I'm not an empty suit or a Republican hack. I served and I spent more time in Viet Nam than you did, and when I came home I didn't throw my medals over the White House fence and I didn't spout lies in front of a Senate committee. I have two words for you, you pompous asshole: Fuck! You!

It was not a botched joke. It's how you really feel about our military. It's how you have always felt about our military, and you don't even have the class to apologize. And if you do think Bush is so dumb, how do you explain the fact that he got better grades in college than you did. Plus, he was able to steal those 100,000 votes in Ohio which gave him the election in 2004.


Wait a minute! He just apologized. Ya think he means it? Nope! He just bowed to the pressure from Dimocrats who are watching their chance to take over Congress go down the tubes.

Flipper. The gift that keeps on giving.

Posted by denny at November 1, 2006 04:56 PM  

One of my two favorite writers (other is Mark Steyn), Victor Davis Hanson as usual, nails it. Not just Kerry but all of those clowns of the opposition (gets Kerry real good too).

It short and is a fun read:

Posted by: Willie on November 1, 2006 05:24 PM

As I understand it, Kerry did not toss his medals over the White House fence. The medals he tossed belonged to some one else. Talk about a turd!
Denny, I STRONGLY encourage you and everyone else to change your party affiliation to democrat. As a libertarian, you cannot vote against Mc Commie in the primary. That is the only real time that party affiliation matters.
That is the only chance we have of voting the bottom feeders out and good candidates in (or at least weak ones.)

Posted by: Jeremy on November 1, 2006 07:04 PM

Jeremy; Libertarians are a conservative with liberal thinkings. Libertarians believe in open borders, free drugs (not prescriptions) and nothing restrictive until the gummit runs out of money.
Conservatives believe that the gummit should get off our backs but have law and order to control not only our borders but everything illegal that our legislatures proscribe. None of it is working at the present because of the greed of our elected representatives. What we need is a true patriot that does not conform to either. Where do we find this person? When we do, then we will have a true republic.

Posted by: gene Hall on November 1, 2006 07:32 PM

As much as this blog warbles on about "free markets" and "free enterprise," the crude mercantilism that constitutes the real philosophy and foreign policy of our rulers means that but one principle is consistently followed when it comes to "defending" "American interests":

The costs and the risks are socialized, but the profits are privatized.

*That* is the crime, that's the rub, that's the irritation, there be the burr under the saddle, the spit-in-the-face, the cause of the RAGE.

It's YOU who are asked to pay! It's YOU who are asked to take all the risks! And what do you get?

You get to brag about how much you paid; how much risk you were put to. Perhaps you get a ribbon for your chest.

And all the while, 'your Betters' used you, laughed at you, soothed you with platitudes, played you like a virtuoso guitar, ... and raked in the profits reaped from the deaths and hardships of you & your Loved Ones.

Remember back in the '40's & 50's when it was the 'niggers' who were breeding faster? When the 'coons' wanted to rape your women? When the 'jigaboo's' were gonna move in to your neighborhood and lower your property-value? "Porch Monkeys" who didn't work and caused all the problems?

Wasn't true then, not true now.

And what would we be like if we mindlessly, thoughtlessly, bought-into those ideas? What if a 'Larger Truth' had not prevailed ....peaceably?

Don't you *see* that The costs and the risks are socialized, but the profits are privatized.?

Don't you understand that 'someone' seeking maximum-profit for themselves has maximum stake in arousing you?

If I was the one who might gain, I'd want you fat, dumb, happy and susceptible to the EZ-slogan and the jingoistic phrase ("Stay the Course" comes to mind) so that YOU would bear ALL the risks; YOU would pay ALL the costs ...; -and I would reap any & all & only that which your tears, toil, thoughts, cares & concerns (along with your blood) might yield to me.

If I were like that, I'd shut up and never post here again, at least not under my own name. I wanted to say that no, I'm not trying to educate you; .... but that would be a lie in light of 37 years as a professional educator. Alas, I'm ALWAYS trying to teach; not because I'm right or know-it-all, but because a truly-good TEACHER cares just-that-much for his/her charges. And, contrary to those who would gain by exploitation, the *dedicated*-teacher is one who makes certain that all *know* when 'teachable'-moments are at hand.

As EZ as it would be to just throw up my hands and say (essentially) "Fuck You!" I'm not gonna do that. I've been met here by some of the most honest & genuine Folk I've ever been priveledged to listen to.

So, I'll do as *you* do: I'll be honest to my *base*-self and rely on your wisdom in response to my own.

It's how a truly-AMERICAN people address & resolve issues.

In *spite* of that hysteria that passes for both politics and civil-discourse these days.

(Note: By crude-count, I've hit 'Preview' at least 30-times in course of writing this).


Posted by: DanS on November 1, 2006 11:13 PM

DanS - You should have hit preview 31 times and then hit cancel. This post does not make any sense.

Posted by: Denny on November 1, 2006 11:30 PM

Yeah, Den, you're probably right. I wrote it with an eye toward thinking-individuals.


Posted by: DanS on November 2, 2006 12:16 AM

DanS, say what?

Posted by: gene Hall on November 2, 2006 06:26 AM

Dan S, Two words- Pro Zac!

Posted by: Ray on November 2, 2006 07:24 AM

Dan S.....

You missed your calling ...... speechwriting for Hillary Clinton is what you should be doing, nobody including Bubba Billy would ever vote for her if your nonsense were the cornerstone of her public speaking.

John Kerry don`t need your help as he has a terminal case of foot in the mouth disease, he is doing just fine. That goe`s for Howard Dean & Al the Gore as well.

Posted by: dudley1 on November 2, 2006 10:16 AM

"......who are watching their chance to take over Congress go down the tubes." I wish you were right in that, Denny. Unfortunately, I doubt it will make any difference in the outcome, one way or another. Maybe, just maybe, it will motivate some voters who have been thinking of sitting out this election cycle to get out and vote next week. The MSM has been pounding out the message of how "Hopeless" it is that the Republicans can maintain the House at every news break on the radio for 2 weeks now.

BTW, what's up with DanS? His posts are getting wierder all the time.

Posted by: grumpyUnk on November 2, 2006 11:00 AM

Thanks for the link to the VDH piece Willie, everyone should check it out!

As usual, VDH hits it outta the park, about Kerry and the dummycraps in general.

Posted by: Rob Cooper on November 2, 2006 12:34 PM

He's just another dick showing his true colors. I say send the bastard to Iraq to serve our troops...

Dayngr (proudly supporting our troops through

Posted by: Dayngr on November 2, 2006 02:14 PM

Dan S

HUH? I'm pretty sure you dont know fuck-all about serving in the military. Exactly HOW many time have you picked up a rifle and stood to on post? Theres an old saying in the US Marines: We live in a communist world so YOU dont have too. If you really are a professional educator you must be turning a blind eye to what you can see happening in the Mideast. You may not be in a war, but the Islamic people are with you. They can't be reasoned with, they dont feel compassion for you. You stand between them and their God, because of that they hate you in the absolute purest since of the word.

Posted by: Echo5Bravo on November 2, 2006 05:35 PM

Echo5Bravo - Actually DanS was in the Marines and served in Viet Nam.

Posted by: Denny on November 2, 2006 07:02 PM


Refreshing to see someone actually admit they're wrong and apologize. You are an honorable man, and I hope you stick around.

You are also absolutely right about the Moslems. Let's just remember that Allah, the deity of the Mohammedans, is absolutely not the same as the Judeo-Christian God. Allah is unfeeling, unreasonable, and indifferent. God, on the other hand, may be severe at times, but is never unfeeling towards His creation, humans. He is reason itself. Christians believe that God's love is so great that He sacrificed Himself, in the form of Jesus Christ, to redeem us all.

You don't have to be religious to see the differences.

Posted by: Squidley on November 3, 2006 03:51 PM

I stand corrected and apologize Dan S. Semper Fi

Posted by: Echo5Bravo on November 3, 2006 08:47 PM
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