January 06, 2007

Saddam's Cat


This one came from Dick.

Posted by denny at January 6, 2007 10:14 AM  


Posted by: GUYK on January 6, 2007 11:11 AM

That is so bad - LOVED IT!!!!

Posted by: Cheryl on January 6, 2007 02:01 PM

Oh God, my side hurts. I doubled over in laughter. I was not expecting to see that. Good one.

Posted by: budman8 on January 6, 2007 06:32 PM

That's not funny. I miss that cat...

Posted by: Saddam on January 6, 2007 06:48 PM

Now that's one cat that Acidman whould have loved.

Posted by: Gerald Williams on January 6, 2007 08:09 PM

Ack, cough, sputter.

Orange coolaid coming thru you nose burns like you wouldn't believe.

Posted by: kudzu on January 6, 2007 08:25 PM

Love it!

Posted by: Jerry on January 6, 2007 08:33 PM

If Saddam had realy had a cat, it would have been executed for trying to bury his sorry ass in the sandbox.

Posted by: Jeremy on January 7, 2007 07:54 AM

Not many things make me laugh out loud. This did. The cat was obviously a closet shi'ite.

Thanks, and please add me to yer blogroll.


Posted by: Billy Big Rig on January 7, 2007 07:57 AM

Now that is Funny!!....Really Funny!!

I`ll bet Prosper don`t think so.

Posted by: dudley1 on January 7, 2007 08:18 PM

Good kitty!

Posted by: CharlieDelta on January 8, 2007 02:00 AM

A perfect example of not funny internet humor.

Posted by: david perlmutter on January 8, 2007 08:07 PM

"Ack, cough, sputter.

Orange coolaid coming thru you nose burns like you wouldn't believe."

You ought to try it with Fresca!


Best laugh I've had in a week.

Posted by: Warren on January 8, 2007 08:13 PM

Now Saddam and I are being violated by cat demons here in Hell... Sigh...

Posted by: Jerry Ford on January 9, 2007 12:59 PM

LOL! But everyone knows that Saddam's last pet was a spider he left behind in the spiderhole ;-)

Posted by: cube on January 9, 2007 01:51 PM

Now that's what I was thinking when I set up the COTC. ;)


Posted by: Laurence Simon on January 9, 2007 02:53 PM

Funniest email ever lol!

Posted by: Nana on January 9, 2007 06:55 PM

David how can you not think that is funny! The worlds biggest lime ball murderer swinging as a cat toy GREAT. I only wish they would have shown the whole event live. Grab a couple of beers and some popcorn and make a night of it.

Posted by: Greg on January 10, 2007 09:14 AM

Here kitty, kitty, kitty!

Posted by: Rhonda on January 10, 2007 11:24 AM

Why do you all find that so funny?!? I think it's terrible they had his cat witness the execution! Poor thing'll be scarred for life! On the other hand, wool slacks make for a great scratching post!!

Posted by: AJ on January 10, 2007 11:13 PM

lol, oh man... that's funny. im actually a cat-likin' guy, but this is really funny.

oh yea, i came via LGF. new poster here.

Posted by: MoleOnABull on January 11, 2007 12:16 AM

Let me be the first to welcome you to the world of GOC one of the best blogs around.

Posted by: Greg on January 11, 2007 09:10 AM

loved the cat, after all they are great pets, but sure would like to see the real hanging, eyes bugging, bodies last and final movement.
if in fact he really is dead!

Posted by: amy on January 11, 2007 03:27 PM

HEHE Thats kinda fun

Posted by: doddo on January 12, 2007 08:59 AM

Would have been more fun to let Saddam play with a bigger kitty instead of just hanging him. They could have played a game called Roman's, lions, and Saddam (in lieu of the group the Roman's normally fed to the lions). Now that would be a video I'd love to see. Toss a bag of popcorn into the microwave, then munch on it while Saddam is filleted alive by tooth and claw. That's entertainment! It's my guess the South Park movie creator's now have fodder for another round of Saddam and Satan in hell. Regarding the hanging of Saddam, couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Now when are we going to have an efficient 30-day appeals period for death row inmates in the United States? After all, this is way the best to "rehabilitate" evil dictators and murderous criminals. that's the only certain way to ensure they'll do their evil deeds again.

Posted by: Raptorman on January 12, 2007 10:20 AM

Coming soon to a Walmart near you.....

Saddam Huessien Wind Chimes!!

Posted by: dudley1 on January 12, 2007 01:28 PM

David - You are a perfect example of someone with no sense of humor.

Posted by: Denny on January 12, 2007 03:49 PM


Posted by: MINAS on January 12, 2007 09:04 PM


Yea, he really stood up and fought hiding in a cave.

Posted by: Donna on January 12, 2007 10:52 PM

I do not like saddam in a can, I do not like him sam I am...
I do not like him in israel, I do not like him anywhere he go.
I like him like my soap I do, I like him on a rope I do!!!

Posted by: EvilAIM on January 12, 2007 11:57 PM


It was not a cave , it was a hole in the ground.a cave is a hole in the ground but a hole in the ground is not always a cave. For example a latrine is a hole in the ground but not a cave. A latrine which is a hole in the ground is usually filled with excrement. So was the hole in the ground in Iraq when Saddam was cowering in it. Subtle differance perhaps but a big differance if you are a cave dweller like a bat.

Minas.... He did not stand & fight for what he believed, he ran & hid in a hole in the ground & left his troops & supporters holding the bag when the troops came marching in. The only he fought for was to keep any of his supporters from sharing his hole in the ground. The good news now is he has his own personal hole in the ground that no one is likely to want to share with him.

Posted by: dudley1 on January 13, 2007 09:54 AM

Being that the dumbs now control congress, we can expect to see a Saddam postage stamp in the next few months. That will create a crisis for the Post Office having mail bags full of letters, half of them with no stamps, but loose stamps at the bottom of the bag.........
Yeah, I'd probably spit on the wrong side too.

Posted by: Jeremy on January 13, 2007 10:50 AM

I don't really see how thats funny...
Even if Saddam may have been the most evil Dictator of our time, no one deserves to be made a devilry and joke of their execution, even IF he's killed millions. I agree with MINAS, it was all just his point of view. We have ours, he has his. He stood up for his ideas. So do all of you. Now I think we ought to give Mr. Hussein his proper respects.

On the other hand, I did burst out with a rather loud fit of laughing =D

Posted by: casey on January 13, 2007 04:25 PM

Ha! 2 pussies...A cute one and a dead one. This picture just keeps the laughs coming!

Posted by: P-LO on January 13, 2007 04:53 PM


Posted by: HAROLD on January 14, 2007 02:35 PM

this is so stupid this was not a laughing matter i do not beleive in the death penalty no matter who it is . ( ONLY GOD )

Posted by: bumblebum on January 14, 2007 10:35 PM

love it now where is bin ladden does he have a dog

Posted by: wolf7869 on January 15, 2007 10:08 AM

bumblebum - You sure chose an appropriate name. BTW it is "believe". I before E except after C.

Posted by: Denny on January 15, 2007 05:12 PM

That is REALLY funny!

& Yeah it really is time we give murdering cowards who hide in holes their proper respects. Guys like that should have their day. Oh, wait. He did. & what exactly we're his views? I mean other than people who disagree with me or speak against me should be put thru the old wood chipper?

Posted by: Lance on January 16, 2007 04:31 PM

Too Bad the US didnt have an expedient system for executing the convicted like Iraq.....20 years on death row is a big waste of time and taxes

Posted by: Tim on January 16, 2007 09:20 PM

So, now I'm looking for Saddam's half-brothers cat. Now that should be good. Cat playing with a head like a ball of yarn.

Posted by: Donavon on January 17, 2007 02:07 PM

couldn't stop laughing, but who's looking after his cat now.

Posted by: why don't fish bump their when swimming on January 17, 2007 02:51 PM

thats not something you see every day that is that funny!!!!!!

Posted by: heather on January 26, 2007 04:28 PM

cat to saddam " hey why are you hanging around its time for my dinner"

i bet that was the last bit of pussy that saddam saw

Posted by: sean on January 31, 2007 08:53 AM

Excellent. I love it!

Posted by: StupidCaveman on February 28, 2007 07:21 PM
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