March 29, 2007

Black & Right

Ray wanted me to share this with my readers.

Posted by denny at March 29, 2007 07:35 PM  

God bless

Posted by: MM on March 29, 2007 08:25 PM

Barack Obama he's not. I wish every American citizen could hear and see this guy speak.

Posted by: gene Hall on March 29, 2007 08:29 PM

The first part of this tragedy is that he's absolutely right; the second part is that he'll change the thinking of none of the ignorant, vacuous, short-memoried twits who genuinely believe that political correctness and communal singing of Kumbaya around a campfire and a meaningful dialogue with the leaders of the (turns head and coughs) Religion of Peace will actually fix things.

Posted by: eros total on March 29, 2007 08:38 PM

This guy cant be from Massachusetts, he makes sense.

Posted by: Pgross on March 29, 2007 08:56 PM

Amen Brother! Man, I seethe when I see and hear the loonie left ranting their rants. But to hear the clear thinking, and knowledgable, as most of the center to right are, I realize that there is hope. It amazes me how the vast majority of the liberals are hate filled people on the very edge of some form of violence. Just note the vile posts concerning Snow's cancer returning, and of course the wishes for Cheney's death. It all smacks of immature children. That's it! Let's just put all the liberals in timeout till they see the light. Yeah.

Posted by: Divermarv on March 29, 2007 09:30 PM

THAT man should be running.

I don't care what for, hes got my vote.

Posted by: Murray on March 29, 2007 09:54 PM

thanx Denny, that speaker is RIGHT ON.

Posted by: paul on March 29, 2007 10:25 PM

Egad, Reader/Listener!

Do yourself a FAVOR and look up the meaning of the word "pap"!

There are so many FACTUAL holes in this emotional story (told by such an o-so-smooth-voice) that I have to wonder about YOUR sanity in buying-in to it.

I AGREE with you! This man is my prime-candidate as well; ... -for Big Brother.


"State of Denial: Bush at War, Part III" Bob Woodward, 2006, Simon & Schuster,
ISBN-13: 978-0-7432-7223-0
comes to mind.

My God! Are you saying that an unctuous (you know: characterized by affected, exaggerated, or insincere earnestness?) voice passes for FACT???

We ARE in serious trouble.

Posted by: DanS on March 29, 2007 11:30 PM

Oh! I'm so impressed! DanS knows big words like unctuous, and he even reads books!

Okay, Dan please explain point by point why the narrator was wrong/inaccurate. You mention FACT, then explain yourself.

I perceive from the tone of DanS that he's the only educated person around and that the rest of us peons just barely graduated kindergarten. Perhaps I should try to cover my red neck a bit more, but I think that DanS is a product of the flawed public educational system that we now have in America that is producing less educated children than we produced fifty years back.

I believe that DanS has been the AOTW previously. Can Denny create an AOTMoth or AOTYear?

Posted by: Special Forces Grunt on March 29, 2007 11:51 PM

There's only one thing he left out...

Liberals don't recognize the facts. Therefore, they will wash their hands of any facts presented here, while claiming this guy is another "Uncle Tom" or "Oreo" who happened to have a crappy editor. Liberals are experts in diversion techniques.

What a fuckin' joke!

Posted by: CharlieDelta on March 29, 2007 11:57 PM

Special Forces Grunt - DanS is exempt from AOTW. He is a bitter Viet Nam war vet who suffers from a severe case of BDS. As a long time reader and commenter and for his veteran status, I cut him a lot of slack.

Posted by: Denny on March 30, 2007 12:03 AM

Special Forces Grunt:

A) Thanks!

B) You know not what you speak of

C) Sorry to use precision-wording for kindergarten concepts.

D) Pray for forgiveness of the bondage of Self.

E) Come home Alive and Intact & we will talk it over. Come home otherwise and still we will.

F) Never lose Faith in your fellow-veteran. Never.

Posted by: DanS on March 30, 2007 12:25 AM

And by a "fuckin' joke", I mean the liberals diversion techniques.

I would gladly buy DanS. a beer any day of the week. He may be random at times, but that dude is okay in my books!

Posted by: CharlieDelta on March 30, 2007 01:23 AM

Dan is great for the entertainment factor here. He's a good poster child for what happens when one goes to war and comes home to absolutely no respect or support for the liberties they were defending. Let's not let this happen to our current members of the armed services. But, Special Forces Grunt, because you are apparently a serviceman and DanS likes to tow the liberal party line, you are probably undereducated and not too bright (according to John Flip Flop and all), so keep that in mind when bantering back and forth with him.

Posted by: Ray on March 30, 2007 06:31 AM

Who is that man? He seems to be exactly correct, despite what Dan S says. The worst thing you can do to a soldier is to not let him win and to get him killed for nothing.
That was Viet Nam, some on the battlefield and even more in Congress after the Paris Accord when Congress abandoned the South.
Back to the speaker in the video, who is he?

Posted by: Jim Macklin on March 30, 2007 09:16 AM

Denny, a great treat, this guy needs a program on Fox. And, DanS, where are you going to hang GOC's AOTW award?

Posted by: pete on March 30, 2007 09:54 AM

Send this to all the Dimms in Congress.

Posted by: Mark on March 30, 2007 10:47 AM

Denny - Please give DanS the ATOW award. I am a Viet Nam Era veteran and believe me this time he really earned it.

Posted by: Chuck on March 30, 2007 12:14 PM

For those who want to know:
The gentleman in this video is named Bob Parks (easier to see his name at YouTube), and he is a "native Bostonian". He has several videos there, which leads me to believe that these videos are produced at regular intervals.
And he DOES have generous amounts of what seems to be lacking in most Tin-Foil-Hat-Wearing Moonbats; Common Sense!!

Posted by: cas6039 on March 30, 2007 04:21 PM

Those line periods at gonzo station in the eighties were longer than nine months. Nimitz and the Ike both cracked a year. But of course, they had port calls. Those gritty dudes in WWII would be out a year with NO port calls. This man would kick Osama's ass in a debate.

Posted by: vetfromhell on March 30, 2007 07:34 PM

Bob Parks is right on.....

All of what he said is true but will never make the LSM outlets or your local news programs & newspapers.It blows my mind that the lies , trickery & politics the liberal dimocrats are using is obvious,readily available & if used would destroy the dimocrats & the LSM. Why has
Bush remained silent & let them gain the high ground? I just do not understand

Posted by: dudley1 on March 30, 2007 08:44 PM

That's awesome! Thanks for posting this video, Denny.

Posted by: zonker on March 31, 2007 03:09 AM

Bob Parks is right on the mark with almost everything he said.

The only shortcoming I can see is that he believes that we are fighting a war, and that it is therefore winnable. This is not his fault; it's hard for most of us to see that W has committed troops to fight but not to win.

First, W has not identified the enemy. We all know who the enemy is: Moslems. However, W says we're fighting against "terrorism." Terrorism is a technique, not an enemy.

Next, W has vaguely defined our goal as "democracy" in Iraq. He and his team have forgotten (if they ever knew) that a consitutional republic with representative democracy (like our system) cannot be imposed from without; it cannot even be implemented without several pre-existing factors, like a literate, educated electorate and citizens' mutual resepect for others' rights. Since Moslems can't agree that members of other Islamic sects are even Moslems, much less that their alternate views should be respected, the chances of any sort of non-despotic government surviving in such an environment is exactly zero.

So what would I do differently? Redefine the enemy and our goal. The enemy? Moslems. Our goal? Keep Moslems from posing a threat to us. New tactics: withdraw to bases in Kurdistan and the western desert and let the Sunnis and Shias kill each other (thanks for doing the job for us, you intolerant morons!) Stick around so that we can take immediate action if they start threatening us, but stay out of harm's way.

Posted by: Squidley on March 31, 2007 09:51 PM

Bob Parks has a blog here:

Posted by: Rich on April 2, 2007 01:57 PM
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