April 05, 2007

Dear Nanny

To: Nancy Pilosi Speaker of the Senate and an incredible diplamat
From: Barbra Streisand

Dear Nanny,

First, I want to apologize fo that horrid fax that I sent you last December. Jim and I had just had a big fight about his allowance and I was down in the dumps and I took it out on you. You know that I love you and am very proud of your accomplishments. Especially your trip to Israel and Syria. I hear that you singlehandely brokered a peace agreement. What a diplomat. I'll bet that you were even responsible for the release of the British guys being held in Iran.

It's so wonderful that Democrats are once again running the country. Hilary will be president in 2008 and I'll get to sleep in the Lincoln bedroom again. I can hardly wait. Think of how much fun the three of us can have on a sleepover. You, Hil, and I drinking Crystal and ragging on the men in our lives.

Anyhow to make amends, I'm throwing a big fundraiser at my house for you and the Democratic Party. Here is the invitation.


All the smart and beautiful Hollywood people will be there. I'll be sooo happy to see you again girlfriend.

Luv ya,

Posted by denny at April 5, 2007 08:37 PM  Category: Faxes From Babs

Your nasty sarcasm is underwelming. You must be threatened by strong, intelligent, talented women. Too bad for you-there here to stay.

Posted by: Vince Kind on April 7, 2007 09:42 PM


Babs a stong, intelligent & talented women? Talented! I`ll give you, Strong! I do not know ...Intelligent? compared to a tree stump, maybe.

She is a stupid ignorant hollywood celebrity with little if any comprehension for either politics or environmental issues. The only reason anyone pays attention to her is because of her celebrity status. As for knowledge about politics or the environment she mouths the leftwing liberal dimocrat talking points & the wackoloon green party environmental beliefs.Neither of these groups allow reality to interfere with what they promote.

I choose to seek out what is factual not fantasy, it is probably the path of least dissapointment as excuse for failure to happen is not required.

Posted by: dudley1 on April 8, 2007 01:17 PM
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