January 10, 2009

Typical Dimocrat Politicans


Hey Speaker Blinky! Can you say "culture of corruption"? Sure have been a lot of corrupt Dimocrats in the news. When are you gonna start draining the swamp? I guess it's different when they are Dims. You didn't do anything about "Cold Cash" Jefferson. And what about Rangel? The head of the Ways and Means Committee, which writes the tax code, is caught cheating on his taxes. Is he still in Congress? Yes. Is he still chairman of the Ways and Means Committee? Yes. Maybe he's stuck in the drain and that's keeping you from draining the swamp. Or maybe he is just living up to the standards set by his immediate predecessor of this congressional district, Adam Clayton Powell.

Posted by denny at January 10, 2009 02:16 PM  

One day a high-level politician . . . let’s call him Blago . . . was walking along a street in his city which overlooked a lake. From above him, he heard a voice yell from a window, “Look out!” Instinctively he put up his hand to protect his face, which he considered uncommonly handsome, from whatever danger might befall him.

He felt something cold and wet strike his palm, leaving a slippery residue on the skin. Not knowing what the substance was, he became alarmed and ran to a nearby men’s room to get it off. In washing the one hand he naturally had to use the other, causing the slick material to cover the skin of both hands, form bubbles. and release a strong odor like that he had observed on the tools and devices used by janitors and the black women who kept his toilet clean.

Minutes later all traces of the substance were gone from his skin except the odor. As he looked at his hands, he was struck by how clean and bright they were. A strange dizziness came over him, and soon he began to feel disoriented and nauseated. He had his driver return him to his mansion, where he retreated to his bed and covered his shaking body with a very expensive bearskin rug. Before lapsing into a coma, he managed to instruct his secretary to call his personal physician to diagnose the strange malady with which he had become afflicted.

Posted by: ET on January 10, 2009 04:57 PM

Nancy Douchebag, I mean Pelosi… no, I mean douchebag was draining the swamp, but all the corrupt liberals clogged the drain.

Posted by: thatjerryguy on January 12, 2009 09:41 AM

Democrat/Republican Ethics........

One thing I have learned through years of political observation is Republicans are held to ethical standards which would disqualify most Democrats from running for office in the first place.

Have there been Republican failures who have been hounded from office?....Certainly & I do not have a problem with that as I detest liars,,thieves & those who abuse public service regardless of party affiliation. In fact I would applaud a tightening of ethical standards for honesty in our elected officials with a watch dog group independent from control by either party to police those standards.

The problem as I see it is Democrats are given a free ride for almost any form of criminal activity. The democratic party rallies to their defense , the main stream media basically ignores the transgressions & sadly the electorate is just to stupid or ignorant to recognize when they are being abused unless the mainstream media says it is a Republican who did it.

Perfect examples........
1. Sexual misconduct...When a Republican is found to be even suspected, he is run out of office. when a Democratic Barney Frank is know to be guilty, he becomes a powerful leader in the Democratic leadership, ....When a Democratic Governor is involved & actually leaves office , it is acceptable to replace him with one doing the very same thing. Think as in New York.When a seated President, William Clinton lies about having sex in the cloak room, excuse it as depending what is is

2.When lining ones pockets is uncovered like William Jefferson....Just ignore it. When the entire Democratic leadership in the Senate banking oversight committee has mishandled their responsibility & received massive campaign contributions ....Blame the Republicans, hire the guilty lending institution officials as advisors , nominate & elect one of the Senators to be President , stonewall any critisisim & then give the money as well as responsibility to the guilty to straighten the mess out.
3. Racial Intolerance ....when a Republican Senator honors a 100 year old Retiring Senator who once was racially intolerant....hound & demand him out of office. When a Democratic leader uses the N word & was once a leader & member of the KKK excuse it away as being just the way things were back then.When a Democratic Vice President is running for the Presidency & accuses his Republican opponent of Racial intolerance for speaking at a University the Democratic leadership deems unacceptable....ignore the fact Al Gore was the Senator of & raised in the State which the founder of the KKK was born in & his birthday is still a state holiday.
3. Committing murder.....no comparison as the Republicans do not have a Murderer seated in the Senate or any elected office, but the Democrats do Think Swimmer Kennedy.
4. Consider the behavior of John Kerry in Viet Nam & after, then consider what John McCain had to endure. Now ask yourself why Kerry is still in the Senate.
5. Consider the Global warming lie being perpetrated daily by Al Gore while he squanders energy at his home like a drunken sailor with his money on liberty.Remember the Goracle also runs a carbon credit scheme for profit from the gullible. Again no comparison as no Republican is running a confidance game like the Goracle. Global warming!.....I just cleaned out the last snowfall from my home & business driveways which made the winter totals so far officially 95.5" with temperatures dropping to single digits. I would like AL to tell me face to face this is just proof of Global Warming....I would shove my snow shovel up his ass.

6. Consider the despicable behavior of Jimmy Carter who is embracing Arab militant`s & displaying Jewish intolerance to the world while bashing the seated President George Bush.

I could go on & on about the different standards in place for the Democrat`s versus the Republicans but I do not see any chance of a change coming soon. Ethical Democratic behavior & standards.....Bullshit,that died with Hubert H. Humphrey.


Posted by: dudley1 on January 12, 2009 11:03 AM
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