March 04, 2010

America's Most Wanted

The narcissism of Jug Hussein Ears is just amazing! I guess he must think the American people love him as much as he loves himself. Why do I say that? Because he wants to show himself as much as he can. I've never watched America's Most Wanted and now I have a good reason not to.

LOS ANGELES -- President Barack Obama is going to help TV's "America's Most Wanted" mark the milestone broadcast of its 1,000th episode.

Obama will be interviewed by the show's host, John Walsh, on the episode airing 9 p.m. EST Saturday on Fox.

As Peggy U (who sent me this link) said, "What next? Jeopardy?"

Don't worry Peggy. He will only be on Jeopardy if they give him the answers so he can put them in his TelePrompTer.

Posted by denny at March 4, 2010 01:19 PM  

Thank goodness Barry didn't have any pressing matter, such as the budget or national security, to address on that day. I'm sure he had to sacrifice burger night, but that's part of the tough job Presidents must endure.

Posted by: Jess on March 4, 2010 02:46 PM

Any respect I ever had for John Walsh jest went out the window. What the hell does Balack Obama know about catching fugitives? The only thing worse than having him on the show is Walsh wasting valuable time playing the sycophant. It just keeps getting better. No man in recent history has cheapend the office of the President than this (N word).

Posted by: Roger on March 4, 2010 02:57 PM

Please sign this petition to support the Navy seal three:

Posted by: yep on March 4, 2010 03:04 PM

Well put Roger! And lemme finish that sentence for you.


Posted by: CharlieDelta on March 4, 2010 03:37 PM

I have to disagree with you on Jeopardy Denny. If he was to go on the show he would make them have all the categories be about him.

Posted by: kerrcarto on March 4, 2010 04:00 PM

Maybe John Walsh has something up his sleeve and will do a citizen's arrest on nobama for stealing from all the taxpayers and trying to sodomize us with nationalized healthcare. Maybe this is a joint venture between America's Most Wanted and How to Catch a Predator!!!

Posted by: evan on March 4, 2010 04:19 PM

Naw, CharlieDelta, he's only half...You can call him "Nig" or you can call him "Ger", but you doesn't has to call him...(With apologies to Raymond J. Johnson, Jr.) Hehehehehehe...

Posted by: Sandy G. on March 4, 2010 04:22 PM

I think John wants to thank him for laying the groundwork for providing hundreds of new cases in the future. His show will never lack for material thanks to O.

Posted by: Schmidty on March 4, 2010 04:29 PM

Walsh lost it when he figured that HE had a better solution to sentencing than the judges.

MMS has been proven to NOT WORK!!!

Like Roger said, I think even less of the media whore now.

I feel for him for losing his son in such a horrible manner, though the thought of losing a son is horrible anyway. But, his son was but another one, there were others prior and since that have meet with an end none of us approve of. But I'd bet not one has been saved from the animals marauding the world because of all his politicking and influence peddling and forcing of MMS laws across the country.

I talk too much.

Posted by: TC on March 4, 2010 05:18 PM

obammy isn't smart enough for Jeopardy. Maybe "Wheel of Fortune".

Posted by: Alan on March 4, 2010 05:34 PM

Upcoming stops on Obama's Primetime TV Tour include How I Met Yo Welfare Mama, Two and a Half Dems, and ACORN Idol.

Posted by: Darrell on March 4, 2010 05:51 PM

A new medical show "ask the fascist Dr. Obama".

Posted by: Charlie B. on March 4, 2010 07:52 PM

any time spent on "America's Most Wanted" is less time he can spend screwing up my country. Call his agent. Lets get Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, QVC, and Survivor lined up

Posted by: patrick on March 5, 2010 12:13 AM

Dear CD;-), Sandy G. is right. Dr. Snigger here gets really mad when BozObama is called Nigger. He says, "It's an insult to me. I'm a pure Blackie, and proud of it. This useless, socialist half-breed doesn't belong to one side or another. He's just a mixture of what is the baddest in both races. It's pouring out of him like pus and poison. I don't understand the Afro-Americans. How could they fall for this failure of a man..."

As for myself, everytime I look at him, I think of babies being killed. He is truly the most wanted criminal in the world. He will be on the right TV program, but he'll get away with murder. I don't understand why nobody on TV ever confronts him with that fact.

Once a year, I write to Ottawa, and tell my government that when it takes my Income Tax money to pay for abortions, in a way it makes me responsible for the crimes of my nation. I tell my government that I strongly disapprove and disallow myself from that action.

How can the President be invited on a show to help find the criminals of children when he, himself, allows the killing of children at birth? It's a puzzle to me...

Thank you, Denny, for the space you provide to express my anguish and my sorrow.

Posted by: Claudia on March 5, 2010 12:30 AM

My Dear Claudia :-)
Please let Dr. Snigger know that he's not a nigger. He's a black man. There's a huge difference between the two, as a huge difference between a white man and a white nigger (whigger.)

As far as JHE goes, he's a fucking marxist nigger. I stand by those words. Pelosi is a marxist cunt nigger too!

It's not the color of one's skin, it's the attitude that tags along with it. I tilt my glass to Dr. Snigger and I piss in Pelosi's face. When you have the chance, buy Dr. Snig a drink and put it on my tab would ya? :-)

Posted by: CharlieDelta on March 5, 2010 01:06 AM

Seems that President Purple Lips is on every program almost.

Posted by: Big Mark on March 5, 2010 10:49 AM

obammy being on TV so much has raised the stock price of "Netflix"

Posted by: Alan on March 5, 2010 11:11 AM

Maybe Obama can get them to help in FINDING HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE!!

Obama is a charlatan posing as,,,,,

Time now to find it!

Posted by: mrchuck on March 5, 2010 11:33 AM

Wait a minute, I think Obama being on AMW is the perfect place for him to be. Some say it takes a criminal to catch one..the real question is how many of Obama's cabinet members will be profiled on the show?

Posted by: Bill on March 5, 2010 11:41 AM

He's checking out the landscape since some time within the next three years he will end up on a wanted dead or alive poster with a million dollar reward. About 400 politicians(D) and thousands of their ass kissing/colon cleaners will be there with him.

Posted by: Scrapiron on March 5, 2010 12:23 PM

Dear CD,
Snig understands your point and agrees with you. We'll lift our glasses to your good health, next time the Canadian Pundits meet. Actually, we often toast the GOC people. And the gentlemen would never miss the Saturday Midnight presentation....All the best, friend ;-)

Posted by: Claudia on March 5, 2010 01:49 PM
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