April 01, 2010

A Doctor On JHEcare

This is from a doctor a friend of mine works with. I'm posting it with a few of my comments.

To my family and friends,

I wanted to share my thoughts and give you my educated opinion about the new health care law. I hope you will read all of this and pass it along to everyone you know, no matter where they stand on the issue. It is long, but it is important!

As you all know, I have had such great pleasure being a doctor, despite the long hours, starting every day at 6:30 am and working all day without a break. I have been able to practice as a doctor with one mission in mind, to extend the best health care possible serving the best interest of my patients. I employ a large staff to help with all facets of care, we work feverishly to make sure the best care is given in a timely manner, and we do not let insurance or scheduling obstacles stand in the way of that care.

It is with great sadness that I inform you the new health care law will put an end to the doctor-patient relationship and my ability to provide effective and efficient care. I will no longer be working for the patient, I will be working for the Government. As many of you know, I have been a health care reform advocate for years. This is not a new issue for me and I am educated on the delivery of health care around the world. I know that instead of fixing the problems with our system and preserving the qualities that make it the best system in the world, the health care “reform” essentially socializes medicine.

Which is the goal of the rat bastard commies running our country.

President Obama said, “We have accomplished something that we have been trying to do since 1912.” Do you know what he meant? He was referring to President Theodore Roosevelt’s desire to socialize medicine. The new law will 100% accomplish this within the next 4-8 years if it is executed as planned. This process never set out to reform our system, it set out to change our system to the detriment of your health. Sen. Max Baucus (D) and Howard Dean (D) both stated this week that the new law will “address the mal-distribution of wealth” in this country. (It set out to spread the wealth, not the health.) Rep. John Dingell (D) stated on March 24th that “it takes a long time to do the necessary administrative steps...to put the legislation together to control the people.” Need I say more?

And make no mistake. That was the goal. Liberals love to control the people.

Here is what the law does to patient care:

-Pages 148/149 of the law state that the Health and Human Services Secretary (HHS), who is a lawyer, will set up protocols for all physicians who take government or private insurance. Yes, the government for the first time in history will dictate the care private citizens obtain. I will no longer be following recommendations from expert physician panels to provide patients with the best care possible. I will have to watch people suffer whom I could have helped because of recommendations set forth by an appointed government panel.

-Starting on page 556, penalties on physicians who deviate from the protocols are explained. If our years of experience tell us to deviate from the protocols, we run the risk of a financial penalty and/or a poor quality rating by the Government.

-Starting on page 1149, the HHS is given the authority to remove services from Medicare based on task force recommendations. This is the same task force that just recommended against the use of mammograms in women between the ages of 40-49 because while they save lives, they weren’t “cost effective.” The bill instead has millions of dollars that will go to communities for such crucial items as parks and family education.

Gotta have the parks for the unicorns.

-Medicare cuts will start now. We have seen a steady decrease in disability in the elderly as they live much more independent, active lives. We will be taking money directly away from the care that enables this, such as hip replacements and cardiac procedures, and shifting it to such necessary projects like a new park. Interestingly, abortion will be covered without question while hip replacements, bypass surgery, and cataract surgery will be given as the Government sees fit. The Roe v Wade decision gave women the right to privacy of her body. Ironically, the new health care law takes away that privacy with the exception of her uterus during pregnancy. She does not control her uterus outside pregnancy, nor her hip, shoulder, heart, etc...

Here is what happens to private health insurance:

-Taxes start now and costs will be passed on to patients. These taxes will include medical device companies, prescription drugs, and insurance taxes, among others. According to the CBO, this will cause private health insurance premiums to go up 10-13% higher than they normally would have by 2016. We all know that the private industry subsidizes the public industry (eg. Medicare). Health insurance and drug prices have already gone up in 2009 and will continue to unnecessarily escalate.

To the rat bastard commies this is not a bug but a feature.

-The Government will add mandates for coverage to ALL private insurance plans, such as pregnancy coverage, even if you are out of child bearing age. Similar legislation in New York has already proven costly and has caused policies to be ten times higher than similar policies in other States.

-These measures will cause premiums to increase and healthy Americans will not purchase insurance. Similar legislation is causing reform in Massachusetts to fail and similar legislation has already caused reform to fail in Tennessee. Eventually, the premiums will be so high that the private industry will not be able to subsidize the public system. Private insurance will cease to exist. We will all then be under a Federal insurance program, ie. we will have socialized medicine.

And if you don't think that isn't the planned end game of the rat bastard commies you are an idiot.

This didn’t have to happen. Reform should have been patient-centered, with insurance reform, support for those with pre-existing conditions, and malpractice reform. This should have been a bi-partisan process as both the Democrats and the Republicans had good ideas. Make no mistake about it; Democrats did not listen to the Republican ideas. None of the 14 health professionals in the House or the 2 doctors in the Senate were asked to give their input (with real experience on how the system really works) in the reform process. Every health care economist agrees (even those who promote socialized medicine) that the primary problem with our current health care system is the fact that the tax deduction for health insurance is tied to one’s employment. Why did they not fix this universally known problem and let everyone own their health insurance? Did they run out of pages and couldn’t go over 2,800? No, they left it out because that would have given the patient, not the government, more control and the private system would have survived.

Remember, JHE, Speaker Blinky, and Harry Reid hate the private sector.

We can still hope to repeal some of the law and reform the system correctly, with both Democrat and Republican ideas. The Democrats gave us a one-way street to Government controlled socialized medicine. The Republican ideas, with the patient in control at the center of their own health care, could have coexisted. The only real way to add patient centered health care ideas is to have the Republicans get a majority in the House of Representatives in 2010. They can then withhold funding to Obamacare until the President agrees to make more patient centered reform in the private system. Those who hold the majority in the House hold the key to the money. I know many of you are Democrats and I will be the first to admit that I disagree with both parties on many issues. I do promise you that I know health care delivery and economics very well and the Republicans are correct on this issue. I encourage all of you to read Rep. Paul Ryan’s “Roadmap to Recovery” where he details the path to correcting health care for everyone with patient control at the center. If you educate yourselves, I believe that most Democrats will see the need to vote for a Republican, if only this one time in November.

Paul Ryan for president! He rocks!

I encourage you to all become politically active to save your health care. If you do not support a Republican Senator or Representative in November, just remember that politics is always cyclical. We will have a Republican President in the White House someday and his appointee to the HHS Secretary position will dictate your care if Obamacare goes through as planned. People must be in control of their own care and doctors must serve you, not the Government. Those who like socialized medicine please also remember that it is failing in Great Britain and Canada. As we speak, their systems are incorporating more and more private medicine, ie. they are moving towards our current system. I know health care economics very well. The current plan will cost 3-4 times what they project and this will result in rationed care to a degree unheard of in Great Britain.

Please go to docs4patientcare.org for more details. I joined this organization as it is non-partisan and represents patient’s rights to care and the protection of the doctor-patient relationship. We need your help growing our physician base so please pass along this information to your own physicians.

Remember that this bullshit bill was written by lawyers. I read in this morning's Atlanta Urinal and Constipation that there is a shortage of lawyers for poor people in rural Georgia. Back when Thunder Rodent Thighs was trying to give us socialized medicine back in the early 90's Mike Royko wrote this column about the shortage of good affordable legal care. Thanks to Bob for tracking this down for me.

Posted by denny at April 1, 2010 03:54 PM  

Spot on letter.

I am an insurance agent in WI (fortunately, Paul Ryan is my CongressCritter)and the AssClown in Chief saying that he and his fellow Marxists were going to "fix health care" is like a rapist claiming to be helping his victim with her self confidence issues.

The coming disaster is so beyond what most can even imagine. We are like lambs being led to slaughter by our smiling masters in Washington.

Posted by: John Galt on April 1, 2010 05:09 PM

Your friend's lucky to work for this guy. My doctor told me that Obamacare was "the best consumer protection law since the Sherman Anti-Trust Act" and that it contained "nothing but good for doctors and patients".

He appeared to be sober at the time and had just used an edged weapon to remove a good bit of callous from my game foot without drawing blood in needless quantity, so I'm guessing he knew what he was saying and believed it.

He's a good doctor and has literally saved my life a couple of times, so I reckon I'm glad he's sufficiently mesmerized to believe this bull exhaust rather than retire.

Strange thing is that both the lady wife and I recall that this doctor had a honking, stomping hissy-fit when Hillarycare was on the table.

Posted by: Walter on April 1, 2010 05:59 PM

"Why did they not fix this universally known problem and let everyone own their health insurance?"

Easy answer, think inner city already handout dependent folks. All of whom will vote for their handouts to continue.

I've got a feeling that this bill will be getting court tested very quickly. There seems to be a lot of voices pointing out how it's unconstitutional from the get go.

Good read though, I'll spread it around.

Posted by: TC on April 1, 2010 08:17 PM

I did my best to explain to the people I know that, having grown up in Canada and lived in Japan for years, I know exactly what socialized medicine is like, and it will NOT be "business as usual for free" as they think.
Sadly, I doubt I convinced a single person. This seems to be one of those issues that creates blind religious fervor in people. To them, it just *sounds* like such a good idea, with no downside....

Posted by: Toren on April 1, 2010 08:17 PM

I agree ... Paul Ryan for President! I've been thinking that since I first saw him confront JHE, and the more I see/read, the more I like him.

Posted by: PeggyU on April 1, 2010 10:12 PM

Walter - get a new doctor - he's an idiot. There are enough of us around that you don't need to patronize one with such little insight.

Seems to me, anyway.

Posted by: Pip on April 1, 2010 10:50 PM

I miss Mike Royko.

Posted by: Paul on April 2, 2010 05:40 AM

Article well written. As a surgeon of 35 yrs (Medicare started in my training) I have been able to see changes as the government becomes more intrusive. I have first-hand experience with medical care in many places, including China, Cuba, and Venezuela. In China, if you are not productive then the expense of treating you is saved by ignoring treatment. Unfortunately, Michael Moore did not film the real medical situation in Cuba, where politics dictates who gets treatment. Venezuela has extremely long waiting periods for treatment and this tends to be a form of rationing in itself. Of course, in these countries those at the top of the food chain get good care - that old thing of some being more equal than others!! I agree with the writer that most people have no idea what is about to happen to their care. Unless changes are quickly made, I fear for my own health care in the coming years.

Posted by: clyde on April 2, 2010 07:43 AM

Here's another doctor taking a stand:


Good for him.

Posted by: Grumpy Old Ham on April 2, 2010 04:40 PM

My Representative in the House is a doctor, and he pretty well echoed these sentiments when I wrote him and asked that he "hold the line" when the Dimocrats were pushing this through.

But the Communist Party members overran his position. We were outnumbered.

What's next? Immigration reform. Mark my words, Denny: Obama is going to grant every worthless wetback spic illegal sack of filth full-blown U.S. Citizenship, which will allow them to vote. Thus, the United States will turn into California. Ever wonder how that state ended up in such poor condition? Answer: liberals took over, and tidal waves of spics pouring over the border didn't help.

We're fucked. And there is nothing we can do to stop it, except start a Revolution.

Posted by: Marksman2000 on April 2, 2010 08:36 PM

I'm happy to hear that Denny is enthusiastic about involving everyone in changes to the current healthcare reform bill. Most of the bill has not yet been translated into policy, so now is the time to let your legislators, state and national, know exactly where your concerns lie. Of course the bill was written by lawyers, aren't they all?

Posted by: Cliff on April 3, 2010 10:01 AM

I'm 64, will be 65 this yr. I've been going to the same heart doctor for 40 yrs. Due to family history - bad heart problems. In all these yrs, he's only talked about ME around him. The last time I was in to see him, for a Stress Test - he was talking to 2 of his nurses in the same room.
He asked these nurses - "Was that woman in my office a Democrate? They said Yes. He asked if they got rid of her. They said Yes. He himself said "NO OBAMA HEALTH CARE & NO AARP"!!!! I told him, that Medicare tried to sign me up to AARP. And I told them I wanted to KEEP my PLAN D, with another company I've had for yrs. They said I could. BUT When it came down to picking up my pills - AARP took completely over. So, I had to put them on HOLD! Made more phone calls - got away from AARP completely!!! In 2009 - My Nitro spray cost $3.20. - This yr. - $216.69!!! Yaaaa!!

Posted by: Sarah on April 3, 2010 05:29 PM
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