September 28, 2012

One Of The 47%

This video has already gone viral. This woman is one of the 47% that Romney was talking about. The irony here is under the first black president, the people most harmed by the Obummer economy are black Americans.

Is this what we want America? Do we want to create more leeches, moochers, and parasites dependent upon the gummint? That's what we have gotten under Obungler. More Americans on food stamps. More Americans on poverty programs. Unemployment over 8% for the last 43 months. More people on disability. Some of those folks were disabled people who wanted to work but could not find a job. More and more Americans dependent on gummint. That's what Obeauzeau and the Dimocrats want because these people vote Dimocrat.

Biden actually spoke the truth when he said, "They're gonna put you all in chains." It's not the Republicans who want to put blacks in chains. It's the Dimocrats who want to put blacks in the chains of gummint dependency. This woman is a prime example. Gimme more free stuff!

On my way to pick up a prescription this afternoon, I caught part of Laura Ingraham and she said that this woman sounded almost exactly like Flip Wilson's Geraldine character. OMFG! She does.

Let's talk about the chains of gummint dependency. Most poor blacks live in inner city ghettos in large cities that are run by Dimocrats. What do we have? Drugs and black on black crime. Single mothers. Black males incarcerated at a higher rate than whites. Jesse and Al claim it's racism. Nope. As a percentage of their race, blacks commit more crimes than whites. That's not racism. It's a result of the misguided policies of liberals progressives rat bastard commies. Or Maybe they planned it that way. The KKK could not have created more damage in the black community than the Dimocrat Party. Maybe it is a plan. The KKK was the militant arm of the Dimocrat Party. Maybe Robert Byrd was still a member of the KKK up until the time he died.

What is one of GOC's three rules for getting out of poverty? Education. How are the schools in the inner cities that are run by Dimocrats? Abject failures staffed by incompetent teachers who are members of unions. Of course they are against school choice.

Here in Atlanta we had a massive cheating scandal in the Atlanta Public Schools. The scores on the CRCT tests kept improving and the then superintendent, Beverly Hall, took credit for it. The improvement in test scores was so good that it caused a review. Turns out there were a lot of erasures on the answer sheets. Teachers were changing answers. Some teachers gave their students the answers. In other cases, bad students were placed next to good students so they could copy the answers. To the APS's credit, they held tribunals and many teachers and administrators were fired. They're still holding the tribunals. Cheating to promote students does not help the students. Failing to get an education is just another example of the chains of dependency.

Supposedly Oblunder cares. Moochelle told us how much he cares. A few months ago he made a speech talking about being his brother's keeper. Ask his brother who is living in poverty in Kenya about that. You'd think that millionaire Jug Hussein Ears Downgrade2 could send a few bucks to him. Hasn't happened. Liberals Progressives Rat bastard commies like Oblamebush are only generous with other peoples' money. All you have to do is compare how much conservatives give to charity as opposed to liberals progressives rat bastard commies. Compare the percentage of his income that Mittens gives to charity to the Clintons, the Kerrys, the Kennedys, the Bidens, the Pelosis and the Obambis. You can also do it using the evil Darth Cheney and Chimpy McHaliiburton Bushiltler.

Dimocrats love poor people. They love to keep them poor and in the chains of dependency on gummint. Don't listen to what Oboner says. Most of what comes out of his mouth are lies. Look at what he does.

By their actions shall you know them.

Posted by denny at September 28, 2012 03:17 PM  

Somewhere along the line, a cell phone became one of life's basic necessities.

Posted by: TalkinHorse on September 28, 2012 04:19 PM

That is just criminal!

Posted by: Old School Conservative on September 28, 2012 04:38 PM

Doesn't sound like she says "food stamps", but rather "fool stamps" - which I think is more accurate anyhow.

Posted by: PeggyU on September 28, 2012 06:27 PM

You know,if you follow the polls,they say it's a neck and neck race right now. Probably right,but I've noticed when following news articles to sources (CBS,ABC,ect,ect)the commentary is almost universally anti-Obama.....And I'm not sure wether it's because the alphabit news followers are getting po'd,or conservative types are following the links and then commenting.....Anyway you cut it ,this video should help change a few undecided voter over to Rommney.

Posted by: big al on September 28, 2012 06:41 PM

I saw a special about 2 months ago where an African-American woman (22 years old of so) had 11!!!!!! cell phones that worked...they were virtually spilling out of her purse, and she was still able to get another...from a van parked in the poor neighborhood

Posted by: TyGuy on September 28, 2012 07:24 PM

Eleven cellphones? What's the big deal? You make it sound like it's outrageous for one person to have eleven cell phones. Any person with half a functioning brain could understand that she probably has one cell phone for each illegitimate child she's given birth to and dumped on society to raise. Not everyone can be as perfect as you are with one measly phone. Show off!

Open your eyes, man...

Posted by: CharlieDelta on September 28, 2012 08:00 PM

That ain't nothin' I have TEN TVs in this room here, out of about 3-4 dozen I own...Of course, I collect 'em, & a goodly number are the "Teeny Tiny" 1,5" screen Panasonics of the Eighties... I DO have the 1st transistor TV-a Philco "Safari" from 1959...And I PAID for all mine, too. I even have a 1950 Zenith 12" "Porthole" round-screen st, & it works, too, unlike the Obeauzeau "Sail Foam" collectors...

Posted by: Sandy G on September 28, 2012 08:48 PM

Only people who pay income tax every year and pass a satisfactory IQ test should be allowed to vote.

Posted by: Claudia on September 28, 2012 09:21 PM

I love Claudia! :-)

Posted by: CharlieDelta on September 28, 2012 10:00 PM

Claudia, I wouldn't go that far only because it would too difficult to do, but I do agree with your premise.

I think Neal Boortz has it right: If you're on welfare, you cannot vote.

If we stopped allowing the welfare-collecting parasites and leeches to vote, the dumocrats would be a permanent minority.

Posted by: Rob Cooper on September 29, 2012 02:02 AM

Let me explain. We all need a minimum knowledge to get a licence to drive, to practice a profession, to get a decent job etc. It puzzles me that any Tom, Dick, Harry and Jane (without any preliminary test) are allowed to walk in a voting booth and put an X on who is going to have the most important job in the country. The well being and the growth of the nation depend on that vote. Would we let anyone from the street do open heart surgery on a relative? Or fly a plane? What's more important than the president's job?

And if a person isn't able to earn her own decent living and share in the cost of running the country, which right does the person have to decide who will be responsible to spend the money collected from steady workers?

People should have to EARN the right to vote. If anyone is so keen in voting, then it would push him/her to get (at least) a basic education and to get out of the welfare trap. If they don't do that, NO VOTE! It's so simple.

Posted by: Claudia on September 29, 2012 04:38 AM

Imagine an America without this vermin. God created black people and power mad Democrats by virtue of goodies and recklously generous treats have created niggers. Never cast your vote for any Democrat at any level of government.

Posted by: Dave on September 29, 2012 09:05 AM

I'm leaving the United States.

I just can't take this anymore.

Posted by: Marksman2000 on September 29, 2012 12:44 PM

I propose that the Democrat party rebrand itself.

It should change its name to the "Free Shit Party". The new name is much more representative of the function and goals of the party for which perpetual poverty is the hallmark of its constituency.

The new party name lends itself to many rousing new slogans. "Vote for the Free Shit Party and get some." Or "Free Shit in every pot" Or "We give you Free Shit"

A rebrand would be a lot more truthful than Democrat. As we all know their party has nothing to do with democracy. It is about the slavery of the dictatorship of socialism.

Posted by: Roger in Republic on September 29, 2012 01:16 PM

She reminds me of my nephews who when they were small, I used to bribe with an offer of a candy bar for some monumental task, then would reward with a single life saver or an M&Ms.
Yup, she is that sort, just not nearly as bright as the average two year old..... But she votes..... When bribed with a cheexy cell phone.

Posted by: Jeremy on October 1, 2012 12:20 AM

Change of Heart......

It is not necessary to carpet bomb the North African part of the Middle East.....Just load up our Air Force giant cargo planes with these useless welfare Obama phone slugs, lizards & parasites & fly them to Libya, Egypt, Sudan for resettlement.
Solves two problems....the Welfare Albatross around our necks & would scare the living crap out of the North Africans so much they would never bother us again.
Special note to Robin Palm to demonstrate my compassionate side.......Not all blacks,just the Welfare freeloaders,those who have found success through education , hard work & contribute to society are welcome & can stay.

Posted by: dudley1 on October 2, 2012 12:35 PM
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