January 16, 2013

1940 Tour de France

I had a little French troll named lance crawl out from under a rock and say that since Lance Armstrong doped during his Tour de France wins somehow I was "ass fucked". Speaking of ass fucking, check out how the Frogs are doing fighting al Qaeda in Mali. Or what about all the carbequeing going on in Paris. Or how the French economy is doing worse than ours since they elected a socialist as their prime minister. Anyhoo, AlphaDelta sent me this picture of the 1940 Tour de France.


Nice to take a break from the gun grabbers and mock the French. We're laready providing logistical support for the Frogs in Mali. I wonder how long it will be until they ask for even more help. As I always say, "The French. They'll be there when they need us."

Posted by denny at January 16, 2013 04:59 PM  Category: French Bashing

Even in a contest full of PED cheaters, the Americans do it better than the french.

Posted by: Josh Fahrni on January 16, 2013 05:39 PM

This is a continued assault by the hate America crowd from within no-less, going after Bonds, McGuire, The Rocket, and Lance Armstrong, meanwhile the rest of the world gets a free pass, I dunno, but having both the fastest runners in the world, male and female hail from a country with little or no oversight (Jamaica)seems suspect to me. Also, we have a Chinese women shattering both the men's and women's record in the Olympics.. maybe its time to turn it down a notch or two.

Posted by: Jon in Mexifornia on January 16, 2013 07:49 PM

...and there's a reason that French boulevards are lined with trees - it's so the Germans can march in the shade...

Posted by: JWMcDonald on January 16, 2013 08:04 PM

Read somewhere that in Aug, when basically all the Europeans take their vacatios, The Germans head to France, & Ze French head to Germany. Now, w/the EU stuff, they don't even have to have passports anymore going from one EU country to another. The French may still HATE the Germans, but they LOVE the money the Krauts spend w/'em..And vice-versa, I would imagine. If things went sour again. there'd be a LOT of French who'd suffer from the loss of all the German tourists.

Posted by: Sandy G on January 16, 2013 08:25 PM

JW I'm LMAO!!! Great comment about the sissies in France!! LOL

Posted by: Dave on January 16, 2013 11:50 PM

French troll....A term heard long before Al Gore invented the internet.

Posted by: Anthony L. on January 17, 2013 03:59 AM

Lance is a shortened nickname for Flatulance also something the French do for audible signs of affection during lovemaking .
I know here we its customary to just whisper to each other but in France the Frogs toot to one another.

Posted by: dudley1 on January 17, 2013 10:47 AM

For sale: 10.000 WWII French rifles. Never fired, only dropped once.

I know that you heard that joke in reference to the Army of Viet Nam, but it was told long before 1968.

Posted by: Roger in Republic on January 17, 2013 02:32 PM

JW. Me too LMAO. I hadn't heard that one but I am going to keep it.

Posted by: Navyvet on January 17, 2013 05:44 PM

If only the folks in charge of the Boston Marathon would piss test the winners for steroids (Seriously, when was the last time an American won the Boston Marathon?). France has been everyone's bitch long before Ceasar. And expects the world to bail them out when they get knocked up because they didn't bother with protection.

Posted by: Darrell on January 17, 2013 07:40 PM

Maybe, but, still: lance is a cheater, a liar, and a loser.
Just like we said from the beginning.

How does it feel Dennis?

Pain in ass hu Dennis?

Posted by: lance on January 18, 2013 03:09 AM

Is it July 2009?
Denny becomes green : he's recycling old jokes, pictures and articles.

or senile...

If I know him well, he'd prefer to be seen as a senile old fart rather than a green tree hugger.

Posted by: Palnaur on January 18, 2013 12:14 PM

lance - As I said before, how does Lance Armstrong cause me any pain? I don't give a flying fuck if he doped. Now you French, on the other hand, are getting fucked royally in Mali. How does your ass feel lance? I guess you're used to it since you French are always getting assfucked on a regular basis. You're prolly gay and love it. You might want to read the disclaimer at the tiop of the comments page. That warns you that I may have some fun with your comments.

Prosper - Welcome back! Maybe now you'll answer my question of why we overthrew the Libyan government? Ooops! Time to run away again. You French are good at running away and surrendering. I recycled this post to point out to lance that I didn't really give a flying fuck about Armstrong and to once again make fun of you French. You're such easy targets.

Are you and lance lovers? Do you assfuck each other?

Posted by: denny on January 18, 2013 01:09 PM

lance - Where do you live? I want to fuck you in the ass. Maybe we could take our weekly shower together. I promise to drop the soap.

Posted by: Prosper on January 18, 2013 04:16 PM

Prosper - Can't you take some time out from your lovefest with lance to answer my question that you refuse to answer? Why did we overturn Qadaffy? He was neutered by what we did in Iraq and renounced WMD's. Now you're paying the price by all of the mercenaries he employed returning to Mali with jeavy weapons where they are currently doing to you frogs what lance wants to do to you: assfucking you. They're also responsible for what's going on in Algeria. I guess this is "the right way to do things" that you bragged about and "smart diplomacy". When are you gonna ask for assistance or surrender?

The French. They'll be there when they need us.

Posted by: denny on January 19, 2013 12:51 PM
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