May 13, 2013

Liberal Hypocrisy

In this morning's Atlanta Urinal and Constipation, there was an op-ed by liberal progressive rat bastard commie E. J. Dionne trying to shame the voters of Low Country South Carolina for sending Mark Sanford (Dooshbag S.C.) to Congress. He wrote that in Sandford's district, ideology mattered in the voters sending a dooshbag to Congress.

So now character matters? When did that start?

Sanford's resume makes him someone Dionne should be swooning over. If he were a Dimocrat, Dionne would be.

At least he didn't leave a woman to die after driving an Oldsmobile into the water while saving his worthless ass. At the least, the Floater should have e been charged with manslaughter. Instead the voters of Taxachusetts elected him over and over again and he became the "Lion of the Senate". I don't recall Dionne trying to shame the voters of Taxachusetts and writing a column about how ideology trumps character. Also, the Floater cheated on his wives more times than Sanford cheated on his one wife.

And what about BJ? There's a dooshbag of the highest order. I don't recall Dionne writing any columns about his lack of character. BJ cheated on Thunder Rodent Thighs more times than Sanford cheated on his wife. For the record, if I was married to her, I would have prolly cheated on her as well. And Sanford was never accused of rape like BJ was. And anyway, this Sanford thing is "just about sex". I thought that wasn't supposed to matter. At least that's what the Dimocrats and their minions in the LSM propaganda arm of the Dimocrat Party kept telling us during the Monica scandal.

And here's another difference. Sanford's wife divorced his sorry ass, unlike Thunder Rodent Thighs with BJ. TRT is supposed to be some sort of a feminist icon. WTF? A real feminist would have left BJ like Sanford's wife left him. Sanford's wife made it on her own. TRT had to stay married to BJ, while he humiliated her and her daughter because that was the only way she could get elected to the Senate and be in the running for becoming president. Who is the real feminist here?

I'm not defending Sanford. I think he is a minor league dooshbag as opposed to major league dooshbags like the Floater and BJ. I wish the voters of South Carolina had found someone better to run, but reading a liberal progressive rat bastard commie like E. J. Dionne lamenting South Carolina voters voting for Mark Sanford when he has supported Dimocrat politicians who were even bigger dooshbags than Sanford is rank hypocrisy. What's that saying about glass houses?

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