May 14, 2013

The Black Nixon

Yannow, I've been saying for years that Jug Hussein Ears Downgrade was the black Jimmah Carter. Now, as Ron points out, he may be closer to being the black Nixon. After all, Nixon gave us the EPA, which has been a giant hindrance to economic growth, especially under the guidance of Lisa Jackson, and Obungler has given us Obummercare which asshole Max Baucus, who wrote the frickin' bill, has called a train wreck, which begs the question, why in the hell did he vote for it?

Nixon had an enemies list. So does Obeauzeau.

Nixon tried, without success, to politicize the IRS. Oblunder succeeded.

Nixon wanted socialized medicine and would have prolly gotten it if he hadn't been forced to resign. Obunghole got Obummercare through Congress.

Ron takes over.

Some insecure guys have a deep desire to be understood and appreciated, and others have an equally deep desire to avoid being understood and to be feared rather than loved. The beautiful irony is that very few of them ever wind up satisfied with the way their lives turn out.

A guy like Nixon or Obama, both clearly insecure in numerous ways, reminds me of a mob capo, willing to do whatever’s necessary to climb to the top and do ANYthing to stay there. It’s a life with great physical perks but enormous fear and paranoia, never knowing who will snitch or what contract hit or what perjured statement will come back to bring it all tumbling down.

Now a Carter is too goddam stupid to realize how wrong he is, and a Clinton is too cocksure of himself to even imagine someone ratting him out or turning state’s evidence.

Uhbamugabe HAS no foreign policy. That’s what got him into trouble in Libya in the first place. He completely misread the “Arab Spring” energy and childishly believed that his dark skin and Islamic connection and “apology tour” would generate enough good will toward him personally that he wouldn’t even need to dabble in international politics just so long as he blamed Britain and America for being oppressors and threw Israel out with the bathwater.

He has never had any intention of working with Congress and has gone to great lengths to contradict or reverse every statement about anything that he made between campaign activities during his brief time in the Senate when he voted “present” more than anything or anyone else.

His signature accomplishment, in fact his ONLY accomplishment as PotUS, has been pushing through his ACA through deal-making and arm-twisting tactics, and that’s turning out to be a thorough disaster for nearly everyone.

With his place in history firmly established, he really doesn’t want to be bothered with the day-to-day business of running anything as complex as a superpower and wants only to bask in the power and glory of the position a bunch of morons put him in to appease the PC and racial equality and fringe group and “cool” crowds.

What he’d really like to do is fly around on AF1 to dinners and galas and fetes and fundraisers, play a little golf, and recite his scripted responses to softball questions from obsequious propaganda plants disguised as “reporters.” So far his chief skills seem to be grinning, equivocating, ducking, dodging, spinning, evading, displacing, getting even, and blaming.

Remember what happened to other capos, such as Castellano, Bonanno, Genovese, Gotti, Capone, and Don Vito. Ahh, those were the days.

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