May 15, 2013

Site Upgrade

I'm getting my site upgraded this week, which means I'll have to learn how to post using different software so if I don't post anything for a day or two it doesn't mean there is sumpin' wrong wih me (outside of my usual personality defects).

On a happier note, my desktop computer, which I thought was about to crash, is OK, and I got the main stuff (porn and tax records) all backed up. For a while there, I was not following my two first rules of systems programming:

1. Thou shalt not run without a backup.
2. Never violate Rule 1.

When I did systems programming for a living I always followed those rules religiously which saved me on numerous occasions. When I taught, I made sure those rules were taught to my students.

I had this real nice removable hard drive where I had my whole system backed up and now I cannot find it. I even cleaned up the mess on my desk thinking it was under that, but it isn't. It will prolly turn up in a few years, unless it's with some of my dive logs which have also disappeared.

Posted by denny at May 15, 2013 12:42 PM  
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